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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quotes From The Reconquista

These are quotes and vignettes from coverage of the raids...

"This is an insult to us as Mexicans (!) because today is El Dia de la Vigen de Guadalupe," said Lupe Tapia of Greeley, in reference to Dec. 12, which is celebrated as a religious holiday recognizing the birth of the virgin Mary. "They are acting like (the undocumented workers) are terrorists but they are just coming here to work (illegally! --ed.)."

"We are sorry from the bottom of our hearts for what happened on Sept. 11, but we are not the ones who did that to you guys (you guys? -- ed)," said Rose Marie Morales, whose family members were inside. "Please, in the name of Jesus, just let them go (they are, to Mexico --ed)." source

"This is not just (yes, it is --ed)," wailed Marta Granillo, a Greeley resident with five relatives who work in the plant.

After almost five hours -- following an impromptu rosary service, chants of protest, threats of violence and tense encounters between protesters and law enforcement -- the last group of unmarked white vans sped away from the plant.

Andrés Guerrero, a local activist, shouted that the ICE agents were "stupid" and that the land belonged to Mexico.

Gary arrived at a main gate, where dozens of ICE agents and police officers faced a crowd of about 100 protesters. Gary told the agents he appreciated their work, prompting an angry response from the crowd. People chased him, cursing at him and calling him a racist. Scores of reporters, a few onlookers and some police ran after him. "I thought there'd be more support down here, from people who support illegals being removed," Gary said. Someone shouted that the workers were humans and should be treated with dignity. Walking away briskly, Gary responded, "Yeah, they're human, but if you're here illegally, you're a criminal." A Greeley police cruiser sped up to the crowd and a group of officers ushered Gary into the back seat, prompting jeers from the crowd. source

"If they get me and take me back to Mexico, I'll come back tomorrow," he said. source

Your peaceful invaders folks, what a treat!