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Thursday, December 14, 2006

EmPHASIS on the Wrong SyLLABLE

This coverage from Denver's ABC7 News of ICE's raids at Swift is so transparent it's laughable.

First we start with the children (cue solo cello in a minor key)...

The threat of deportation could leave the city of Grand Island caring for scores of children who are U.S. citizens but whose parents now face possible deportation.

Barr Middle School in Grand Island became a shelter for children on Tuesday. Teachers and other school officials spent the day finding safe places for children of parents in federal custody.

Grand Island Schools Superintendent Steve Joel said the mothers taken into custody were released to come home and take care of their children, but that some of those children might not see their fathers for a long time.
The kids, of course, have my sympathy. But not for reasons that the article suggests.

Joel said some teachers even offered to take home a displaced child. In the end they didn't have to, but Joel estimated that 1,100 children were impacted by the DHS action in Grand Island.
Let's place blame in the proper place, shall we? The DHS action was in response to the illegal activity (coming illegally, working illegally, Social Security fraud) of some Swift workers. The children were impacted by the action of their illegal alien parents.

Next we hear about the effect on the local social services department.

Weld County Social Services in Colorado prepared for an expected influx of cases after hundreds of workers at the Swift plant in Greely were arrested.

At least 800 workers at the Greeley plant were identified as illegal immigrants; 300 of them will be deported within the week, said Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.


"Our wish would have been they would have let us know beforehand," said Judy Griego, director of Weld County Social Services, speaking to the Greeley Tribune.
And I'm sure no one would have tipped off any illegal aliens to avoid work on the day of the raid. Wink.

Finally, we get the economic sob story.

Weld County merchants were expected to feel the economic blow from the raid as well.

"Quite honestly, you're looking at two weeks before Christmas, and there is buying power leaving the economy," said Sarah Macquiddy, president of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce. "I'm sure that Swift will be able to survive this. But if they don't, it's really sad. The issue being made out of the illegal aliens is minuscule compared to the impact that Swift has on our economy."
How dare the government enforce the law when local merchants are depending on purchases with illegally earned money to stuff their Christmas stockings? The nerve!

In a last minute attempt at fairness (to say half-hearted would be generous), the reporter adds a perfunctory mention of the U.S. citizens whose identities were stolen by the poor, pitiful, purchasing, persecuted illegal aliens...

"It is a difficult day in Greeley. But it's also been a difficult day around the country as people's identities have been stolen and they've had to go and clean up their credit. And they've suffered great harm also," Buck said.
Great harm, indeed. Let's hope there will be more justice for the real victims here than there is coverage of their plight by the media.

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