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Thursday, December 14, 2006

When Silly People Write

Source: Policy review

Mary Eberstadt uses one of the fundamental tools of leftist argument, mockery, in this article to show that any concerns about illegal or overwhelming legal immigration are simply nativist or, as the title suggests 'scapegoating.'

She writes...
Begin in the United States with the literature lately generated on the paleoconservative and nativist wing of the right on the red-hot subject of illegal immigration — now not only a literature, but also a newly minted political movement that has gone on to enjoy populist and national success. Of course many Americans, including some nonconservatives, oppose the idea of uncontrolled immigration per se. But that is a political and practical fact, as opposed to a creedal statement. It is the creed of the theorists that is of interest here, for it's in that creed that today's anti-immigrant ideology appears most clearly.

According to those theorists and this movement, the threat to our civilization and way of life — such are the terms in which the discussion has been framed — is plain. The foreigners we must focus on most, those who according to some are a dagger aimed at our civilization, those whom we must do everything in our power to keep out of our country because of the harm they intend us, are . . . no, not immigrants from the demographic and cultural risk pool associated worldwide with Islamism, but rather those from somewhere else: specifically those working-class, poor, Spanish-speaking, largely Christian migrants from Mexico and other points south who break U.S. immigration laws by crossing the border in search of work.
If you bother to read the whole thing, and may I suggest you do something much more vitally important such as clip your toenails or wax your butt, you might discern that this individual falls into the class of pundits that literally have no idea what in the hell their talking about. I note Mary makes no mention of the leftist groups that seek to keep Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, as uneasy strangers in this land, the communist groups that see them as their 'revolutionary vanguard,' the multiculturalists who insist that America is the worst place in the world hence the need to remake this nation using primarily Mexican stock to do so.

Gee, what's to worry about Mary? This doesn't even get to the fact that Mexicans are a very nationalistic folk, not a bad thing, when they're in Mexico, not so great when their here illegally. Here's the thing Mary, you've never stood up to a Mexican and told them to their face they shouldn't be here illegally, I have, and until you do, and see for yourself the reaction, would you please do me the extraordinary courtesy of shutting the fuck up until you have the tiniest, most minuscule clue what you're talking about.

Her base argument is that we need to worry more about jihadists and allow the 'peaceful invaders' to do as they please. It's not either/or Mary, I argue their both vital and their both dangerous.

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