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Friday, May 19, 2006

Illegal immigration Vs. The GWOT

A recurring argument I hear quite a bit as the conservative movement melts down over immigration is that I need to compromise on granting amnesty because we are in a war on terror. Well I freely acknowledge that we are indeed facing an implacable enemy, in fact I'd say we face two, my problem is I can't decide which is more dangerous.

Islamotards are indeed bad folks, no argument there. They are indeed causing damage and grief worldwide, and they can be tough buggers to identify and kill before they do their damage.
But at the end of the day all they can realistically do is damage. Can Jihadis realistically destroy America? If so how?

They can hurt us, they can kill us, they could damage our economy. They are an enormous pest, and I think that's a proportionately correct statement, they can harry, harass and kill us and really that's about it.

Let's talk about what they can't do. They can't elect an American president, and yet that's precisely what our other enemy wishes to do. In fact some believe they've already succeeded (like me). Our other enemy is of course Mexico.

Mexico right now is allowed to reach into this country and exert direct control over our policy, our laws, and if things are allowed to go as they are now, our elections (more than they are now).

Mexico demands, president Bush complies, Mexico threatens and president Bush cowers and apologizes.

Seriously, ponder this for a moment, what if before the war Saddam Hussein threatened to sue us if we decided to throw a conflict, would we then allow him to help plan the war?

And yet we know Mexico has been told the presence of the Minutemen, allowed to work in Border Patrol offices, has agitators in this country working directly for Mexico and for some reason president Bush is not only not concerned about this, he appears to welcome it.

Most puzzling. So I ask again, of the two serious enemies we face at the moment, which is more dangerous?

Islamotard fascists who are on the run all over the world?

Or the Mexican government and their agents in this country who appear to be winning on a scale the Islamotards can only dream of?

Can you name one aspect of the president's clearly stated and desired immigration policies that you think benefits America? Americans? If so what?

Because it seems to me that all the benefits accrue to Mexico and Mexicans, which leads us to the final question. I argue Mexico is at least twice as dangerous to us as a nation as Islamic fascism, who's side is our president on?

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