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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ed Meese: WWRD?

Source: Human Events

Ed Meese, Ronald Reagan's attorney general gives his take on what he thinks Reagan would do with our current illegal immigration crisis. There's a lot of good stuff here though at the end he pulls the standard bait and switch, ergo, "illegal immigration is bad so let's do a guest worker plan."

It's like a round robin thing -- Amnesty..NO? Guest workers? No? Illegal immigrants? No? Rinse and repeat until you begin screaming and pulling your hair out.

Well, you know what? I have absolutely no idea if we need a guest worker plan, I can tell you this though, every time we've done one in the past it served first of all as a de facto substitute for illegal immigration not to mention being an essential conduit as their already here on this side of the border, and second of all it has all the deleterious effects we've come to expect from illegal immigration, the lowering of wages, the having of children, and frankly, the running away to join the circus that has characterized EVERY SINGLE GUEST WORKER PROGRAM WE'VE ATTEMPTED IN THE PAST!!!

But I'm sure this time will be different. My government told me so and they never lie.

Still, this is mostly a good

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