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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Elvira Arellano: Activist Or Criminal?

James Kotthoff

I was not going to address this issue, it has been done enough. But I have finally reached the breaking point. I know I will draw flack for this story from some quarters, but hey I am thick skinned. If I misstate any facts I am sure you will let me know.

Ms Arellano
first entered this country illegally at 15 years of age. She was caught and deported, which made her ineligible to return for ten years. Not liking that fact she then returned illegally again. She followed this up with social security fraud by using a stolen social security number. She then committed fraud again by fraudulently obtaining an airport security clearance. She plead guilty to a misdemeanor on the last charge. Then when ordered to report for deportation she hides in a church and claims sanctuary. She claims deporting her would cause harm to her child.

Now my take on this is simple. She is 28 years old now, she has a 7 year old son who was born in this country. Meaning at minimum she snuck back into this country when she was 21 years old, meaning She committed a felony by re entering this country at best 6 years after being deported. 4 years short of when she could legally apply for a visa to even visit. She committed identity theft by using a stolen social security number. That is felony number two. She then used false information to obtain an airport security clearance to work at O’Hare International Airport. That should have been felony number three, but was plea bargained down. She chose to have a child knowing she was in violation of the law and subject to deportation.

Now she claims she is not a criminal. In her world maybe not, but on planet earth committing felonies makes you a criminal. She claims she is an activist for immigrant rights, in truth she is an activist for illegal immigrant rights. The fact is that illegal immigrants have no rights under our constitution, the constitution applies to American citizens only. She says she doesn’t want to be separated from her son, yet nothing is stopping her from taking him to Mexico with her. The one claim that really angers me is her claim to be just like Rosa Parks. Excuse me but Rosa Parks was an activist for civil rights for American citizens of color, not for people who have no right to be here in the first place.

This situation just highlights the arrogance of illegal aliens and their supporters. The hold marches and rallies demanding rights they are not entitled to nor have they earned. They threaten more acts if congress does not give them what they want.

I personally think the solution to Ms. Arellano is simple. Enter the church, arrest her and deport her, then if she returns again put her in prison. When she serves her sentence deport her again. If she wants to be with her son she can take him to Mexico with her. When he is 18 he can return since he is an American citizen. Do not let him sponsor his mother though because she is already ineligible to return ever again.

As for the church that is giving her sanctuary it should lose it’s tax-exempt status for practicing politics. That goes for all churches who offer sanctuary to anyone who is in this country illegally. You want to intrude on legal or political issues that is fine but be prepared to pay the price.

Now I know some will claim it is a civil rights issue, no it is not. She is not a citizen. Or a human rights issue. No it is not, illegal migration is not a human right. It is an issue of law and order and national sovereignty, plan and simple.

Ms. Arellano is just the tip of the iceberg as far as culprits in this issue. But that doesn’t change the facts. She is indeed a criminal and should be treated accordingly.

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