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Monday, January 01, 2007

100% Preventable!

Source: wfmz
Illegal Immigrant Charged with Attempted Homicide in Easton

Easton police have charged an illegal immigrant with attempted homicide. Juan Carlos Benevidas-Yanes of El Salvador is charged with a Saturday night attack on Miguel Hernandez behind a building in the 600 block of Northampton Street. Police say the victim was struck in the head with a brick or similar object causing life-threatening injuries. The suspect was arrested without incident yesterday. He is being held in Northampton County Prison on $200,000 bail. Police have not yet been able to speak with the victim who remains hospitalized. Witnesses saw two persons running from the scene. Federal immigration authorities are holding a second person. It is not known if he is connected to the attempted homicide.
You have to admit, if the price of getting a good burrito in America is third world chaos and violence, it's a price well worth paying, no?

Welcome to post-America!

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