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Saturday, January 06, 2007

ANCIR On Martinez For RNC Chairman

Source: ANCIR
We at ANCIR (American Council for Immigration Reform) have heard that there are members of the RNC Committee who do not view Martinez as the ideal chairman of their party. They know—or sense—that he will only polarize the party further, weakening its conservative base and basically destroying any chance for the GOP retaking of the House or Senate in ‘08. Hence, getting to them before they vote may have an adverse effect on the Bush anointment, but it probably will not. Yes, it is a long shot, but we have few other arrows in our quiver.

Further, by our calculations, there are about 200 House members who have either gone on record or questioned the wisdom of Bush’s “comprehensive immigration reform” plan. You will note that the word “amnesty” never leaves the lips of administration enablers, including Martinez, for they know what the public reaction would be to such a proposal. Will twenty or so Republicans or Democrats vote to kill Bush’s idiocy? With Martinez at the RNC post, he is able, through granting and denying funding to agreeable/recalcitrant GOP members, to head off any further dissent on the immigration issue. In short, he would wield much more power than he currently does, and, as they say in Brooklyn, “that ain’t good” for traditional conservatives.

Finally, our organization is preparing a series of educational DVDs which will deal with the issue of immigration—both legal and illegal—and their transformational effect on US society. I, along with two other ANCIR Board members, previewed the first, a 30 minute program dealing with US national security, today. Rosemary Jenks, Legal Counsel of NumbersUSA, was interviewed, and did an excellent job in describing, among other things, why it is bureaucratically impossible to process additional candidates “on the path to citizenship.” We are hoping to distribute the DVDs throughout the nation and increase public awareness of the magnitude of the problems we face.
Sigh, this fight doesn't appear to have an end folks. Those who hate this country, or see her as a resource to be plundered will not ever give up. So we can't either.

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