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Monday, January 29, 2007


John Fonte has an interesting read up over at NRO today. He attempts to find the common denominators among the various branches of conservatism regarding the immigration issues that appear ready to tear conservatives, and by extension, the Republican party apart at the seams.

My favorite bit, and a tale that can't be told enough IMHO...
Despite the Republican “thumping” in the ’06 elections, civic
conservative issues triumphed. Michigan passed Ward Connerly’s
referendum outlawing racial, ethnic, and gender preferences by 58
percent in the face of strong establishment resistance. It was
foolishly opposed by the Republican candidates for senator and
governor, both of whom lost their elections. Arizona rejected official
bilingualism by making English the state’s language with a majority of
74 percent. About half the state’s Latinos supported the referendum.

The truth is a large majority of this country is conservative in its gut, though it may kick and scream at the designation. Living as we do in a big blue city we know plenty of people that are "progressive" as the day is long until you come down to cases and then, whoops! They turn out to be raging conservatives.

Read it!

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