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Monday, January 29, 2007

Some Bad Ideas Just Won't Die

Source: Nevada Appeal

Kirk Caraway fresh off a three day bender decides to scribble down his lunatic ravings...
When it comes to illegal immigration, maybe we should take a page from the marijuana proponents' playbook, and just legalize it.

Now, before you all go looking for a rope and a tall tree to hang me from, hear me out.

Like drugs, illegal immigration is similar to a flowing river. You can try to dam it up, but if there is enough water (workers) and slope (jobs), it will find a way downstream.
And Kirk? If enough people wanted to rape your wife and daughter, would that be unstoppable as well?
Unlike drugs, the flow of immigrant labor contributes to our economy. If you could send all of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants back to their home countries, there would be a huge economic hit. Thousands of businesses would close, from meatpacking plants in the Midwest to casinos in Las Vegas to restaurants in New York.
All evidence to the contrary, of course!
Some would argue that getting rid of the undocumented workers would give jobs to unemployed Americans. But there are more undocumented workers than unemployed Americans, and you can't just plug them into the types of jobs the immigrants do.
Two things you retard jackass, the first is that it is not the job but the wage Americans object too. Second, how many jobs are redundant and simply created because labor is so very cheap?

Now we get to the fun stuff...
First, you have to stop the black market for labor. You do that by giving work permits to any immigrant who is not a felon.

Then you institute an immigration tax, where businesses would pay, say, 20 percent of any immigrant worker's salary to the government (split between federal, state and local) to help offset the costs of supporting these non-citizens.

Legalizing immigrant labor has many benefits. Immigrants who are not felons will not risk sneaking across the border - or paying smugglers - if they can come across legally, get their new free work permits, and be off on their merry way.
The problem in debating this is that it's too dumb. The very definition of an immigration policy is to discriminate. It is discriminatory by its very nature. So this undoes the common sense measures that all countries must take to protect themselves, their borders, their people and their culture and allows the immigrants to guide and shape our policy.

Not a good idea as we see with the fatally flawed family reunification policies currently in place.

Second, true libertarians must be required to take a massive blow to the head before signing on the dotted line. Is there any number too large to take? What if two billion people showed up for permits? Shall we let them go "off on their merry way?"

If people like this had their way, and by "people like this" I am of course talking about the president, because this is precisely what his plan would do, there would be no America left.

Just an economic trading zone that looked an awful lot like India.

H/T Lonewacko

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