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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Journey Through Hell!

Source: Dallasnews
Central American migrants still pouring into Mexico

TAPACHULA, Mexico -- Four Salvadorans trudged along the railroad tracks under a hot sun. They had only been in Mexico for a few hours and already federal police had forced them to strip and had taken almost all their cash, they said. They had some 1,500 miles to go to reach the U.S. border, with no food or water and $9 each. They intended to walk along the Chiapas coast for the first 250 miles through a dozen towns where migrants are regularly robbed or raped. Then they planned to board a freight train with hundreds of other immigrants for the trip north, a dangerous journey that has left hundreds before them maimed after they fell under the wheels. "It's dangerous, yes, one risks one's life," said one of the men, Noe Hernandez. "One risks it if you have a family member in the States to help you. It's not just for fun we go through Mexico."
Tell me again how "bad" America is?

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