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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mexico: Manpower Inc?

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Speaking at Davos Mexico's new president Felipe Calderon couldn't appear to believe his good fortune in having America hating Democrats in charge in America. He also floated a rather bizarre proposition...
Mexican President Felipe Calderon said his country has a better chance of resolving disputes with the U.S. over immigration now that Democrats control Congress.

"With the new composition of the U.S. Congress there are greater opportunities and more potential for making progress on the immigration issue," Calderon said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Calderon, who took office last year, said it was essential to persuade Americans that Mexico and the U.S. have "complementary" economies. "Mexico has manpower, and America has much capital," he said.
So Mexico is now our one stop source for cheap exploitable labor and rapists, drunk drivers and pedophiles? How lovely.

As always our president was good enough (read: weak enough) to assure our enemies of his capitulation...
Calderon recounted that Bush, in a telephone conversation two days ago, said he was pushing forward a compromise immigration reform package on Capitol Hill. Bush made his latest pitch for the plan in his State of the Union address this week.
Who owns Bush's balls exactly? The Chamber of Commerce? Calderon? Do they perhaps have some naughty photos Mr. (alleged) President would rather not see the light of day?

Calderon ended with the usual blather...
After meeting with Bush in November in Washington, Calderon said he would continue to work "for secure, orderly immigration that respects immigrants' human rights."
You know what? Respect is always earned in my book! And as far as I'm concerned these criminals barging into this country and stealing the American dream are entitled to nothing more than a swift kick in the ass on the way out. Not some treacly "respect" that allows them to stay here, commit crimes, and pretend to be anything other than a drain on this country and her citizens.

If you're as tired as I am of other countries solving their problems at our expense you know what to do...





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