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Friday, January 26, 2007

Amnesty Is Not Enough!

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When it comes to flooding this country non-stop with "New Americans" it's hard to beat this president...
Remarks by President Bush on Energy Initiative

As an aside, when I talked about the immigration bill last night, I also want you to know I understand that we need to make sure that when a smart person from overseas wants to come and work in DuPont, it’s in our interests to allow him or her to do so. We’ve got to expand what’s called H1B visas. I know the Senator and the Congressman understand that. I’m looking forward with Congress to do just that. It makes no sense, by the way — I know, I’m getting off topic here — (laughter) — but I feel strongly about what I’m telling you. It makes no sense to say to a young scientist from India, you can’t come to America to help this company develop technologies that help us deal with our problems. So we’ve got to change that, as well, change that mind set in Washington, D.C. I know we can work together on that.
I believe this is from the "Leave No Orifice Unraped" bill currently being considered by the Senate.

As Bill Gates once said (he didn't really): "Send me some more goddamn cheap Indian coders!"

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