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Friday, January 26, 2007

Most Delicious Headline Of The Day!

Source: bbc

Street kids raid poverty summit


Oh, I'm sorry....

Dozens of street children have invaded a five-star hotel food tent and feasted on meals meant for sale at the World Social Forum in Kenya's capital.

The hungry urchins were joined by other participants who complained that the food was too expensive at the annual anti-capitalist get together.

The police, caught unawares, were unable to stop the free-for-all that saw the food containers swept clean.

The gathering in Nairobi is discussing social problems, including poverty.

A plate of food at the tent being operated by the prestigious Windsor Hotel was selling for $7 in a country where many live on less than $2 a day.

The children, who had been begging for food, launched the raid after being told they would have to pay for the food.
What comes after irony?

I'll be right with ye, ya wee starving greedy bastards!
H/T Ace

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