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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Tear?

Source: wafb

Whininess bolded for your reading pleasure...
LA: Walker Police Say "Overwhelming" Number of Illegal Immigrants in the Area

Walker police are dealing with what they say is an "overwhelming" number of illegal immigrants in the area. They have teamed with border patrol and I.C.E., a Homeland Security agency to try to curb the problem. Walker police say they're getting a lot of complaints about illegal immigrants driving around without a license or insurance. It's a sensitive issue. These men and women are here illegally, but they're working hard in Livingston's construction boom to support their families back home. One man, we'll call him "Juan," says he's been in the United States for 10 years. He doesn't have a green card, but he does have a family to support. "Juan" says, "It's very impossible to come over here legal to this country. If you are very, very poor people and you want to ask for a visa, you are never going to get a visa."
Um Juan? Does the phrase "tough tortillas" have any meaning fer ya?

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