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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Horowitz/Klocek at Depaul Tonight

David Horowitz spoke at Depaul University tonight on his "Academic Bill Of Rights", sharing the stage was Professor Thomas Klocek. The atmosphere was cordial overall but testy at times, there were no stage rushings or disruptions. The room was full to overflowing, though I'm not sure how many the room could handle, all the seats were full and a good fifty people were standing in the back and along the walls.

Mr. Horowitz at the podium. An excellent and powerful speaker and a wonderful presentation. I had only seen and heard Mr. Horowitz on TV and radio, well worth the effort to see him in person.

Professor Thomas Klocek was the guest of honor at tonights symposium. Marathon Pundit has been doing yoeman's work in covering this story and I wouldn't dream of poaching his excellent and tireless work on this subject.

After Mr. Horowitz's devastating attack on Women's Studies as having no place on a serious campus, can you guess who got in the Q&A line? If you guessed the head of the Women's Studies department at Depaul you would win a kewpie doll! Listening to her we learned one thing, "dialogging?" Means I'll keep talking at you until you agree with me. Have I ever mentioned how crushed I am I never attended an institution of higher drinking?

Mr. Horowitz mentioned in particular "non-scientific statements" made by both gender and ethnic studies groups that tend to play into a Marxist outlook. The Women's studies prof refuted this idea vigorously. Well, here's their website, guess what? You can decide for your self.

I particularly liked..."Women’s Studies and Gender Studies are complementary interdisciplinary fields whose research, scholarship, and creative activities examine women’s lives, conditions, and contributions within their historical, social, cultural, national, and transnational contexts and explore how gender is constructed and negotiated within and across societies. By crossing the boundaries of traditional fields of study, the program seeks to create new, coherent understandings of human experiences."

Not sure, but I think they get paid extra for usin' all them fancified words that all seem to boil down to "I'm so smart I don't even know what I'm saying" and possibly "I've never worked a useful job since I waited tables in college!"

The only other Q session attendee I wanted to mention is Mr. Smirky McCgee here, also known as Monkey Boy.

Here's Smirky sitting with his Commie pals. They managed to look as if they were sucking on lemons for almost the entire time, no easy feat I'm sure you'll agree. How do I know they were Commies?

One of them was nice enough to hand me Bob Avakian's greatest Commie hits and Socialist standards. I've been looking for this too. You can Should you find yourself nodding your head? Drop me a quick email and I'll stop by and slap some sense into ya!

So, as we were watching Smirky deliver his sneerolicious diatribe to Mr. Horowitz he started to look familiar...

Then it all came back, sure, Monkey Boy was one of the brave souls, amongst the five or six brave souls that harassed MJ at the anti-Bush rally last summer.

Nothing quite says revolutionary fervor and bravery quite like harassing a petite female, you'll be shocked to know they get quite quiet and respectful with me, odd isn't it? I mean, just cuz I could snap them like kindling over my knee? But they're revolutionaries!!! I am so disappointed, what would Stalin say?

At the end of the evening I asked Smirky for an interview, you'll be shocked to know he turned me down. I asked him why, he babbled something about not appearing very well in some outlets. I told him I would ask him his name and why he was there and do no editing. No dice from our oh-so-brave lefty loon.

I left him with this parting shot "Cowards never prosper." I thought it was pretty good for off the cuff.

Me with the Marathon Pundit

The fierceness!

She made that shirt just for tonight!

I may or may not put a video up, we'll see when I take a look at the raw footage. Now I'm off to play some Half-life, I think I've earned it!

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