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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Deeper Thought On The SOTU?

A number of stories on the wire today caught my attention...

VA: Bill would ban charities funding illegals

Kan. legislators looking at ways to deal with illegal immigrants

Dorchester County ordinance targets illegal immigrants

Texas city changes immigrant tenant law

Okay, what do these stories have to do with the SOTU? Each of these stories shows a local community attempting to deal with the scourge of illegal immigration. While the president last night reiterated his mildly retarded amnesty call.

And no matter how well or poorly you think the president did in his dog and pony show last night, he's still not listening to you, or the 80% or so of the American people that actually want this problem solved without "animosity or amnesty." (I still cannot grasp the mendacity of insisting this , which is so clearly an amnesty, isn't an amnesty)(It's not even a good lie, that's what offends me)

Here's the bug I want to put in your ear: Washington is not our savior.

As I wrote a while ago...
500 or so pieces of legislation dealing with illegal immgration are floating around the states right now because our federal government has simply been co-opted by the big business slaves at all costs lobby who's been joined in an unhappy alliance with the Catholic church, butts in the pews and offerings at all costs lobby, and our special guest, the "We hate America and would like to see her die" lunatic left.

500 pieces of legislation are what we super geniuses refer to as "clue." A possible window into what Americans are thinking. Think Americans aren't interested in stopping illegal immigration?
Here's another way of looking at this. We have all been taught to look to Washington to save us, to make things better. But they never do, they can only make things worse. Put it this way, if a nuke wiped out DC this afternoon, our cause, the anti-illegal immigration cause would gain massively.

Washington is incapable of dealing with this problem, waiting for Washington to deal with this problem is a bit like hoping that drinking a can of spinach will help you deal with a bully. We have no allies in Washington, statistically that is true. Forget the Tancredo's, the Steve King's because they represent about a hundredth of one percent, whereas pro-illegal immigration supporters are the other 99%+.

We can't win in Washington, we can't, it's a fools paradise. The very best thing we can hope for is not be gang raped, because we are getting screwed one way or another.

We really do need to change our thinking on this, and it's hard. We have been trained to think of things in a certain way, but that way, democracy on the federal level, has broken down. It's gone, wave bye-bye in the rear view mirror, and it ain't coming back any time soon.

But that hardly means we're counted out of the fight. As the stories above show there's a lot that can be done at the local level, we haven't even scratched the surface yet, and that's where we need to focus our efforts. The best we can hope for as far as Washington goes is to stop the evil they wish to perpetrate.

Because Washington is not our savior. Never has been, never will be. Now let's roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work.

Like Americans do!

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