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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Blast From The Past -- Silent Cal

This was supposed to go up an hour before the SOTU, oh well, best laid plans and all that...

Source: NRO


our country numbers among its best citizens many of those of foreign

birth, yet those who now enter in violation of our laws by that very

act thereby place themselves in a class of undesirables. [If]

investigation reveals that any considerable number are coming here in

defiance of our immigration restrictions, it will undoubtedly create

the necessity for the


of all aliens. We ought to have no prejudice against an alien because

he is an alien. The standard which we apply to our inhabitants is that

of manhood, not place of birth. Restrictive immigration is to a large

degree for economic purposes. It is applied in order that we may not

have a larger annual increment of good people within our borders than

we can weave into our economic fabric in such a way as to supply their

needs without undue injury to ourselves.

Calvin Coolidge, SOTU address, 1925

Now to contrast this with the mealy mouthed tripe we'll be enjoying later tonight...

On comprehensive immigration reform:


hope and opportunity in our country requires an immigration system

worthy of America – with laws that are fair and borders that are

secure. When laws and borders are routinely violated, this harms the

interests of our country… Yet…we cannot fully secure the border unless

we take pressure off the border – and that requires a temporary worker


Or, in normal people speak: We won't

do our jobs until you allow us to break the law with impunity. Wow!

Feel the pride, that Red, White and Blue all American pride!


what the president is saying, that we cannot secure our border until he

has his (the chamber of commerce's really) guest worker program, then I

must ask the question again...

Is America an actual nation anymore? Or have we become some sort of a "trading zone?"


if he's right, have you really thought through what he's asserting

here? He is saying that we cannot enforce our borders unless we let in

those people who demand to come here. Yet, every nation has the

unassailable right to choose who enters, he is saying that we no longer

have that ability.

Again, if he's right, and I know beyond the

shadow of a doubt that he isn't, then America no longer exists as an

actual, honest to goodness country.

Since we know beyond the

shadow of a doubt that this is a false premise what does this statement

reveal about this president? The fact that he is unwilling to make any

serious moves, for six years now toward border security without

procuring cheap, compliant slave labor for his corporate masters is

more than a little scary.

The fact that he simply refuses to

acknowledge the brazen efforts of drug cartels to strengthen their hold

in this country. Shrugging off any violent activity at the border

committed by the drug cartels or the Mexican military as 'accidents' or

'navigational issues.'

Treating our Border Patrol agents with

contempt in every way possible. Of course I'm thinking of agents Ramos

and Compean, but then again, let's consider the ROE that keeps BP

agents from chasing drug smugglers. It doesn't rise to the level of a

bad joke.

And the part that I find most amazing? He has never

even attempted to pretend to make this more palatable to the American

people. Not once! The released immigration portions of his speech

tonight could have been copied and pasted from any number of earlier,

failed speeches he's given on this subject. And yes, every one of those

speeches he gave on his "comprehensive immigration reform" nonsense in

the past have gone over like lead filled balloons with the American


So he's back tonight like a slightly demented Energizer

Bunny, convinced that if he merely repeats the same shop worn canards

for them umpteenth time, we will suddenly slap our heads and cry "OF


Instead of what a

majority of Americans will actually be doing, holding their heads and

praying for this lunatic to do as little damage as possible in the next

two years.

As to the war. I've been listening to the poorly

framed debate on talk radio today and it's clear to me that no one

wants to say what the president's primary mistake was in Iraq. His

utter unwillingness to actually fight the war. Americans don't grow

weary of fighting, they grow weary of not fighting, they grow weary of

pansy ass strategies forcing our troops to fight with one hand tied

behind their backs. They grow weary of having to listen to government

officials pretend our enemies are our friends. They grow weary of a

government that lacks the basic spine to call an enemy an enemy and

prosecute the war as if bad people really truly wanted to saw our heads


The American people aren't stupid, we see that Iran and

Syria have been killing our troops in Iraq for lo these many months and

years, yet only recently did our government seem to notice this rather

pertinent detail. Were they sleepy? Stupid? Nope, just cowardly. I

understand the idea of one war at a time, but you know what the problem

with that philosophy is in this situation?


WITH IRAN SINCE 1979!! And we've never, ever, done a goddamned thing

about it! I am annoyed and ashamed of my government for not putting a

boot in the ass of those who have most required a boot in the ass. And

most of all for not saying in uncompromising terms that this behavior

was not only unacceptable, but that it would have deadly serious


Americans are feeling fatigued in this war for one

basic reason. They have absolutely no idea what victory might look

like. I don't. The president will say tonight that we cannot leave Iraq

until we've achieved victory, fine, good.

Two things, Iraq is

not the entire war on terror, never was, and I've never had the

foggiest notion what victory in the war on terror would look like. I

know what I think it should look like, and I'm sure other people have

different ideas as well, but I've never known what our government has

laid out as "victory" in the war on terror.

This is a problem,

much like the problem with progressives. What are you 'progressing'

toward? What is your end goal? Or will you simply progress for all

time, because that seems a bit uncomfortable to me, a bit like living

out of the back of your car, which is parked in the driveway of a

beautiful home.

To me this president's victories have all been

domestic, yes I appreciate good judges on the bench. And after getting

his ass kicked on Harriet Meyers he has done well. Yes I appreciate the

tax cuts and the good economy, though I'm not sure how much I trust it.

People thought things were hunky dory in '29 as I recall.


word that kept jumping out at me as I listened to the commentary today

was "rhetoric." That the time for rhetoric had passed, that it was the

time for deeds. Fine, good, but I think that is where this president

comes up short. He's good with bold phrases, not so good with actually

taking bold action.

I expect tonight's speech to exist quite

comfortably in the status quo ante. I think personally that in many

ways the president has already checked out and is mentally hanging

drapes in his presidential library. Because the time for action in many

things has passed, there is a tempo and a rhythm to these sorts of

things and unfortunately the president has a bit of a tin ear on these

issues rendering him almost incapable of seeing how his actions will be


Like so many things war is much more a matter of the

mind than of flesh, and the blank check he was handed after 9-11, in my

opinion has been completely squandered leaving him without much ability

to effect things, and with the American people still wondering, several

years after the fact, what victory would look like.

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