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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Import Savages?

Source: wash times
Men Accused of Torturing, Killing Americans Seek Asylum in U.S. Citing Fear of . . . Torture

"Three Rwanda citizens who faced death sentences in the 1999 kidnapping and slaughter of two Americans in Uganda are seeking political asylum now that U.S. authorities have moved to drop the charges. Francois Karake, Leonidas Bimenyimana and Gregoire Nyaminani, reputed members of the Liberation Army of Rwanda who have been detained in the D.C. Jail for nearly four years, were charged in the bludgeoning deaths of Robert Haubner and his wife, Susan Miller, of Portland, Ore.," the Washington Times reports. "However, prosecutors earlier this month filed a motion to drop felony murder charges after a federal judge last year threw out the defendants' confessions, citing evidence that the men were tortured while imprisoned by Rwandan officials. With a dismissal pending, the defendants are seeking asylum in the U.S. because of 'fear of persecution' if they go back to Rwanda, according to recently filed court records."
What an exciting crop of 'New Americans!'

Perhaps if we're lucky they'll torture and bludgeon some more people here. Yay!

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