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Monday, January 22, 2007

Yet Another Attack On A Minuteman!

Source: NC times

In what has become a disturbing pattern yet another Minuteman was attacked by an open borders fanatic, though the identity of this one may surprise you...

BONSALL —- Newspaper reporter, Nathalie Taylor was cited Saturday on suspicion of misdemeanor assault on a teenager who was videotaping her against her wishes, a sheriff’s lieutenant said.

Sheriff’s deputies were monitoring a peaceful protest by Minutemen at an Arco gas station about 10 a.m. at 5555 Mission Road where some day laborers were gathering, Lt. Dave Myers said.

A 14-year-old girl videotaping the protest apparently included the reporter as well, he said. The reporter was identified as Nathalie Taylor, 53, of Temecula, who works as a features editor for the Fallbrook Village News. Taylor apparently tried to get the girl to stop and then shoved the camera in the teenager’s face, causing an injury to the girl’s eye, Myers said.

Sheriff’s deputies were on scene, but it wasn’t clear whether they witnessed the incident. Myers said it was likely captured by the camera.

Taylor was initially placed under citizen’s arrest and then the deputies cited and released her, he said.

According to the Fallbrook Village News Web site, Nathalie Taylor has worked there since 2003 as a reporter and photographer, and as of last November had won 10 awards from the Society of Professional Journalists in the last three years. She also worked as the Fallbrook Sourcebook editor in 2005.

Heh! Unbiased journalists? Sure, need a bridge?

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Let me just go on record as saying a Minuteman is going to be killed by these folks, with the media's approval. How's that for sick? It is coming, so I ask you, what will be your response when it does?

There is a reason why our "Three Monkey Media" won't report on violence against Minutemen. It doesn't fit the story they've already decide on, that Minutemen are violent racists, all evidence to the contrary.

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