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Monday, January 22, 2007

A Fisking We Will Go!

Well, not we, but Oak Leaf over at Polipundit who gives illegal immigration cheerleader Linda Chavez an introduction to logic course...Here!

He hits a lot of the same notes we do on this site, this is not exactly a mystery folks, as the open borders loons literally have not a leg to stand on.

A couple of my favorite bits...
At some wage level, you will get legal workers who can/will do the job.

What on earth is wrong with giving felons on parole a job!! Especially a job that appears perfect for entry level back into society. Maybe if there were fewer illegals, former felons could get jobs.

What is wrong with a business going out of business? If they can not compete, they will go out of business.
He ends with what should be a chilling passage for any Republican, especially (R) politicians, reading this site...
Actually, as I think about it, I am proud to be a Republican In Name Only!!! This past decade has a long laundry list of “Republican Accomplishments” that I would want nothing to do with. I am a Conservative/Libertarian who simply has a past history of supporting Republican candidates in our two party system.
I know how he feels!

Read it!

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