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Monday, January 22, 2007

Living In The Shadows?

Source: OC Register
LAKE FOREST – Two day laborers were arrested on suspicion of trespassing Saturday during a protest on Jeronimo Road by about 40 day workers and activists in support of their right to stand on the sidewalk in Lake Forest to solicit work.

The dispute arose after a city ordinance took effect in October that restricts the laborers to standing on the sidewalk when soliciting jobs.

However, the day laborers say deputies told them they could be ticketed or arrested if they loitered on private property as well as on the sidewalk.

“They told us to leave, that we can’t be here,” said Mariano, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, who used to stand at the site on Orange and Jeronimo to look for work.
These "shadows" illegal immigrants live in certainly seem well lit to the rest of us suckers.

More illegal immigrants "in the shadows..."

H/T immigration watchdog

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