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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Our Future?

Source: dailymail

Peter Hitchens in this piece takes a look at the bizarre difference between how Muslims and average British citizens are treated...
The real menace to this country does not come from terrorist bombs, which a calm, resolute people can cope with. It comes from the liberal elite’s decision to appease Islam.

The louder the Blairites talk about the ‘threat to our way of life’ from Muslim extremists, the more they themselves increase that threat.

Criticism of Islam, jokes about Islam, are rapidly becoming taboo, even legally restricted. Yet Muslims have total freedom to say what they like about the rest of us.

Quietly, the Civil Service, the police and the education system (and many big companies) have already begun to adapt themselves to the idea of an Islamised Britain. [Emphasis added.]

Was Ruth Kelly, Minister for Political Correctness, really shocked when a group of Muslim lobbyists abruptly demanded partial recognition of Sharia Law and the official celebration of major Muslim holy days?

She shouldn’t have been.

Any observer of what is happening in this country would have known this demand was coming. It will be made with increasing force as the Muslim population grows and the Muslim vote—already decisive in many constituencies—grows with it, because all the major parties are without principles and will do anything for votes....

Islam responds to tolerance by demanding more. It responds to retreat by advancing. It is wisely cautious when weak, ruthless and ferocious when strong. It recognises no equals and makes no compromises.

Once it is dominant, all others are subjected to it. Those who live in the Pennine towns, or in parts of London, can already see its flexing of muscles.

The number of Muslim women wearing headscarves, or total veils, has risen sharply in the past few years. Large new mosques have appeared on many skylines. Many more are being built. This is happening now, here. Our Government is helping it.
We're on this road right now. The only difference is our current location. Within several years we will find ourselves in precisely the same jam, because like Britain, our government has no governing principles other than the acquisition and retention of power.

Having decided to turn this country into the very "polyglot boardinghouse" Teddy Roosevelt warned against they know exhort us to 'get comfortable' with the changed reality, the changed reality they caused, welcomed, and refuse to stop.

And as our "New Americans" continue to gain power what will the effect be? Will we remain the United States of America? Or something else entirely? And what could possibly stop this decline, especially as a minority of Americans are now ashamed of this country and somewhere in their hearts they want this country erased.

I don't know the answer to these questions but I do know we will be confronting them in our lifetimes. We cannot pretend this stuff isn't real, it is, and it's coming to a neighborhood near you.

H/T VFR who has more good discussion on this issue.

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