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Saturday, January 20, 2007

21 (illegal aliens) arrested at Fort Benning

Source: Alipac
The illegal immigrants were caught early Wednesday during an ID check while trying to enter Fort Benning to do construction work on soldiers' barracks. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, the U.S. Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General and the U.S. Department of Labor Office of the Inspector General had conducted a joint investigation into illegal immigrants employed by contractors at Kelley Hill. The ID checks were at three entrances to Kelley Hill.

Twenty-one men and women accused of illegally entering the country shuffled into U.S. Magistrate Court in Columbus on Friday in chains and shackles.

Family members wept as U.S. Marshals sat them in a row before U.S. Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth, who spent the afternoon advising each of their rights and accepting the guilty pleas of seven of them.

"They know they're going to be deported," said Nancy Needham, a bilingual missionary with Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. "I was OK until he did that."
'She was OK until he did that?'

And we give a rat's ass what a lower consigliere of the Catholic Crime family thinks about this because why? Is she disapproving because now her part of the criminal enterprise known as the "Catholic Church" will no longer be collecting 'tithes' from these criminals. I think it's time for the Catholic Crime Cartel to be removed from this country root and branch.

We can no longer tolerate organizations that hide behind the gospel to commit and encourage crime and lawbreaking.

See: Catholic Church Coyotes?

And of course, just to state the obvious here, since we know Muslims are pretending to be Mexicans when they cross the border I'm sure we can all agree that there couldn't be any security threat here?

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