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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Peace Swim + Buckets Of Blood = Crazy Delicious!

Source: yahoo
LIMA (Reuters) - Few would even dare swim the Amazon river bank to bank but Slovenian Martin Strel plans to swim 3,375 miles down the world’s greatest river, defying piranhas, snakes, crocodiles and even sharks.

Buckets of animal blood will be loaded onto support boats to distract flesh-eating fish and reptiles during the 52-year-old’s 70-day odyssey — which would break his own world length record for a swim. ...

He says on his Web site that he has “a dream” — proving to the world that nothing is impossible and that the world can one day live in peace.

I’ve always been swimming for peace and friendship. I decided to dedicate the Amazon swim also to the preservation of the rain forest and clean waters,” he said.
I've always eaten deep dish Chicago style pizza for "peace and friendship."H/T LGF

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