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Friday, January 19, 2007

Mel "Amnesty" Martinez New RNC Chair

Source: yahoo

A quote from his acceptance speech...
To be the Party of the future means that we also have to be a party that opens the door wide-open so that all Americans feel welcome. There are too many Americans who do not understand that the principles of Abraham Lincoln,Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan speak to their hopes, their dreams, and their aspirations. I will take the message of our Party to all Americans.
I think we all know what door he plans to throw open!

Polipundit reminds us of Mel's nasty habit of lying through his "New American" teeth.

Christie King sez: But it would be political suicide for this Republican Party to endorse an amnesty program that would cause the American people to endure the same harsh realities young Mel Martinez watched in Cuba as he watched the “rule of law erode and disappear”.

Liberallyconservative: The Bush policy is strictly a political one, pushing aside law enforcement and the rule of law for everyone.

Hot Air: That leave us with a pro-amnesty president, a pro-amnesty party chairman, and a likely pro-amnesty presidential nominee in ‘08 in the figure of St. John of Tucson.

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