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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Quickie!

As I sit here thumbing through a Tom Clancy novel and my computer slowly downloads Windows Service Pack 2 (260 megabytes! Yowza, I didn't think Windows itself was that large), after downloading Windows Service Pack 1, so I can then reinstall the fourteen gazillion programs running on this computer, I came across this over at KD's.

He linked to a post by 'Pay Heed The geek,' a proud new addition to our blogroll over there on the right, you know, that long string of links you never click? Yeah, that's the one! :P

Anyway, he posted his favorite piece of this essay and I'll post mine.

A taste...

There are certain things that we hold sacred here in America. We kind of like that "innocent until proven guilty" deal. Most of us could probably get over the whole speaking English thing if people just tried to come here the way we asked them to. There’s a process. It doesn’t involve week long treks through the desert and trying to take out the people we pay to guard our borders.

They want us to pay them for our work, but they don’t want to live by our laws. They want to collect our benefits without paying in to them. They want all the perks with none of the responsibility.

Read it.

Oh, we watched Silence Of The Lambs over dinner. Is there a creepier scene in all of filmdom than the nightvision goggles scene in the basement at the end? I think that has to be the all time champ. The version we watched was the ten year anniversary, I would recommend renting it especially if you haven't watched it in a while as it has some excellent new commentaries and special features.

Sigh, back to the downloading salt mines...

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