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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Which Laws Do 'They' Support?

PROVIDENCE – Police would be prohibited from asking passengers of a car for identification after a traffic stop unless criminal activity is suspected, under an antiracial-profiling bill announced by state legislators yesterday.

The bill also would require police to document in writing their grounds for searching a vehicle and would bar officers from asking about immigration status, except in certain circumstances.
Yay! Is this bill titled the "We don't believe in terrorists act?" The embarrassment continues...
They said the legislation was in response to incidents last summer and fall they contend were racially motivated.

In July, a state trooper stopped a van carrying Guatemalan nationals on Interstate 95 and temporarily detained the vehicle.

The van, initially pulled over for failing to use a turn signal when switching lanes, was escorted to a federal immigration office in Providence after the driver and passengers were unable to show proof of their US citizenship.

The new legislation would prohibit authorities from using a minor traffic violation as a pretext for stopping a vehicle for other reasons.
Yep, just one more indicator that America as a nation no longer exists!

H/T Polipundit

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