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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Follow Up On The Undercover Mosque Video

We recently posted the undercover video shot by Britain's Channel Four. I had to make some changes to that post and found myself at Youtube reading the comments beneath the video post. As I'm sure you'll imagine 99% of commenter's are shocked and horrified at the content of these videos and understand on a gut level that this is the enemy.

Remember, in the video the mosques they filmed are the "moderate" ones, the go to mosques the government deals with. The mosques that are supposed to be standing against extremism. The comments here are a mix of wooly headed liberals who simply cannot take in the message of the video. Bleating on endlessly about fairness and tolerance and of course Muslim apologists who are crapping bricks that a major British TV station burned them in public like this. And of course the veil slips every so often and a threat peeks out.

Here are a sampling of the comments...(It's a fascinating read)
To punish all muslims for the actions of those shown in this video is a betrayal of British culture. We are a people who value freedom above all else, and tolerance following that. If this is a battle of British and Islamic culture then we need not worry, and no blood will have to be spilled on our part. We will merely let there ideas be ridiculed.

I am not afraid of a handful of maniacs. Let them say what they want, and if they do anything illegal then put them away, it is simple. The harder you try to supress an idea the more attention and mystique it will gain. But allow ideas like these the freedom of speech all opinions must have then they will quietly go away under the pressure from our moderate culture.

...but to harbour prejudice against all Islam is counter-productive and a betrayal of western values.

Dude STOP misquoting the Quran! I read the Quran over 20 I have never seen that verse and i think i would know better than u since i can read arabic. Wat YOUR reading from is the well known version by now the FAKE Quran.

You know, many people will say the Bible is also a very evil document that teaches us to kill non-believers. I wish there were no prophets, only God. That way we'd all get along.

Muslims believe and love the original bible. They believe it to be from the same God, but just changed by man over time...which it has. Jihad is simply the Arabic word for struggle against an opresser.

Not all muslims are like this, this ones talkin are bunch of pricks. I disagree with all that jihad stuff.

m a Christian and I believe this is clearly editited to make Islam look twisted and wrong when Islam seems to be a peaceful religion.They are secretly filming all the wrong people and the extremists immams and not the normal people of the islamic society.When they say "kill the kufar, kill the jews, kill the christians, they dont mean it literally. its just like sayin oh i wanna kill me bro for doing sumthing but u aint really gonna do it are ya now!

At the end of the day if you believe this rubbish than your just some ignorant racist person who needs to hear the whole truth not the lies that are secretly fed to you through the twisted media.

I don't understand...doesn't say in the Q'uran that if a Muslim immigrates to a different country that they should be subject to its laws? I mean, these people immigrate, knowlingly, to a "Western" culture and then expect that culture to start adhering to theirs? I know for a fact that most Muslim people, when it comes down to it, are the same as everyone else. We're all humans.

People! Islaam is a religion which you do not understand and are not being given a chance to by the 'islamophobic' media. Do you not have intellects of you're own to investigate matters as opposed to taking from the media which lies to us daily. Read the quraan with the explanation and judge for yourselves. Be careful though, you might convert to Islam if you're a sincere person looking for truth! Peace to all.

Try it,allaah will protect his house in meccah.His created angels have the ability to pick up stars and throw them,and if allaah wishes a thing he says 'be' and it is. nuke? what you people are doing here is causing muslims to wake up and turn to their religion 1nc again, Well done! Don't worry tho, if they come in power they won't kill millions of innocent men,women and children around the worls for oil or anything else.Relax!

This video is alarming, but it unfortunately fails to show Islamic organizations fighting very hard against extremists. Perhaps this is a bigger problem in the UK. But in the U.S., I've never encountered that level of fanaticism in mosques here. Furthermore I know of various Islamic organizations who are actively working to stop this kind of extremism. (cont)

This is my first time hearing these kind of extreme views. im muslim an ill tell you some people are straight up crazy... but thats in every religion... take bush for example... hitler... napoleon they all got weird ideoligy... you just have to know as a logical person not to believe what you know not to be right... thats pretty much it.


Conflating Islamism and mainstream Islam is what "doesn't help at all." Don't blame mainstream Muslims for being unable to tackle the extremists in their faith when non-Muslims refuse to differentiate between the two.

you know, the quran said the earth was round and orbits around the sun 1400 years ago, jokes on the non-muslims who denied it for the past few centuries.When Europe was in the dark ages thinking that the earth was flat, Muslim students were using globes for studying the earth in Islamic universities - they called us insane then too!

u jus wonnt stop with this..uve always got somethin worthless and ignorant to u jus went too far..Allah will deal with u..altho am INTERNALLY STRUGGLIN NOT TO shove u in deep shit, slap u multiple times and make u suffer for sayin this..but am sure Allah has somethin better planned for u and all those abusers of Islam and Muslims..this video jus shows muslims in UK who r clear extremists and rigids in their beliefs..and r overpowered by the islamic laws..

in my country we say: a barking dog never bites, thats why all these angry muslims or white ppl dont concen me, unless their in a position to carry out a threat, which it doesnt look like the muslims are in.

Close to 2 billion to be exact. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And before long, your own children, God willing, will become Muslim. Peace.

This is all propaganda. No-where in the Quran mention anything about gay, no where in Quran says women are second class citizen. Quran says women are equal but have different roles. How "Islam the only religion that will not endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights"? Logical fallacy called 'hasty generalization', ISlam can't make decision. Human Rights was approved by UN by all countries including the Muslims.
PS. Bible has same principle as the Quran regarding things you mentioned

If you read your Bible it is just as violent, hateful, and intolerant as the Koran is.

his isn't a left or right thing.. The right wing conservatives are the ones pushing right to believe whatever backward crap they decide to spout. I'm a liberal kinda lean, and I think this stuff is appalling. Religion is just stupid superstition!

these sort of views are still only representative by a small minority of british muslims(namely the wahabis), for some unknown reason they seem to get the most media attention even they they make up only around 20% of muslims in britain. but this figure is increasing and we need to act now to stop its growth.

our country has secret prisons and tortures people. 30,000 iraqi civilians are dead due to the civil war we started. domestic spying, roaming wire taps, checking your library records is all legal due to the patriot act. you are right. we need to wake up and see that tyranny is all around us and unless we actively work to make the world better things won't change.

relax guys its been going on for centuries and anyone who is mad enough to believe in God deserves to wear a stupid hat to keep his brains warm. Jews, Muslims, Bishops etc. Need a hat to be religious = no brain

Christians have the same shit with the's called THE VATICAN. Anyhow, I'm Buddhist, and I hope eventually all you evil SOB's will kill eachother and then I can just meditate and chill out without having to listen to all this pesky bull shit whining about religion. Stop crying...go pray or something.

Calm down people! Why are you surprised that there are extremist in the Muslim faith?? There are extremist in the Christian faith, the Jewish faith, the Hindu faith, etc, etc! Fortunatley, the percentage of these extremist of all the faiths are minute!

Islam is the only cure for you decadent kaffirs in the west , you fear islam coz you know its true.This zionist propaganda stunt to besmirch muslims will not succeed.

are arent even in the UK you will be miles away when we rise up and slaughter your kind like dogs.

i agree this type of extremism is a problem in the mosques of britain. but we need to rememeber it is still only a minority of mosques - namely those who are followers of the "Salaf" AKA "Wahabis". If we act now (as in British muslims who hold Sunni Views) we can crush the so-called muslim extremists. PS, never forget - although the wahabui call themselves sunni - they lie. A great line comes to mind "The greatest trick the devil ever did was convince us he doesn't exist"

All moderates from mainstream religions have a responsibility to interact and be vocal, so that poisonous efforts of extreme view holders can be marginalised. the problem is EXTREMISTS. brainwashed extremists. the problem is not muslims or christians or jews or hindus. having lived in a multicultural society, i know a report like this can be made for any religion. every religion has extremist airheads. means jus more mdeia work for moderates sadly. sigh.

no, not true, mohammed does not teach hate, so does not for the koran. the one that teaches hate are those who miss interpretated the koran. koran is a book made out of poem.

taqiyyah is often used by Islamophobes to shut down any alternative views or interpretations of Islam. If a practicing Muslim rejects the kind of Wahabbi extremist distortion, they are simply labeled as "lying." How convenient.

The wise british public will certainly realise that this is another patethic effort to ruin the name of the beautiful religion of al-islaam by a foolish sole who probably had inner motives. I really believe the deceptive ways of the media in the way they distort the truth will come to light. You've messed with the wrong bunch of muslims this time!

Great and let's just disregard all our laws pertaining to everyone being treated equally...anarchy rules and we can all just kill eachother in your imaginary world.

This is So anti - islamic, its probably made by a jew.
I could go on all day.

Shot at the "Gran Estupido Marches" here in Chicago.

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