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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is Dirty Harry The New Press Secretary?

Source: WND

Les Kingsolving of World Net Daily asked this question...
"With regard to your statement, 'border guards must obey the law, too,' [a Ramos/Compean reference] question, now how have so many millions of illegal aliens been able to enter our country if the president and his predecessor were seriously enforcing border and immigration laws?"
I believe Tony Snow must have been out sick today, cuz this is Dirty Harry talkin', or I'll eat my hat...
"Well, obviously there was a point where, in fact, it was not enforced seriously... That's why the president has committed more resources than anybody in history and has made further commitments about border security in the future, not only in terms of personnel, but also technology, and has made a - and, furthermore, has been far more aggressive than anybody ... in terms of what we call interior enforcement, going after employers in a way that nobody else has done..."
But wait, it gets better...
Snow continued that the message to employers is: "If you're hiring illegals and you're doing it all – if you're hiring illegals, we're going after you, and especially if you're doing it in a way that you have people who are here illegally who are also taking jobs that Americans might want to have," "Snow said.
Damn Skippy! Finally the White House is beginning to lie with chutzpah! Wow! I'm bowled over by the tough but pointless rhetoric of this utterly useless administration.

Chamber of Commerce -- 1

American people -- 0

As I said earlier...Run Tom, Run!

H/T Lonewacko

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