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Monday, January 15, 2007

Run Tom, Run!

Source: desmoinesregister
Tancredo set to decide today whether he'll run for president

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo admitted Sunday that winning the Republican nomination would be a steep uphill battle should he decide to run for president, but entirely worth the effort if it brings his views on illegal immigration to the forefront of U.S. politics.

"It's delusional to suggest that this would not be anything but a David and Goliath situation, but after all, David won," Tancredo said at a book signing in West Des Moines. "Things like this happen in politics, but no matter what happens, it will force America to focus on these issues."

Tancredo wrapped up a weekend visit to the state that dually served as a tour promoting his book, " In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security," as well as an exploratory trip to gauge the opinion and support of Iowans as he mulls a presidential run.

Tancredo said he will decide today whether he will run. No Republican has yet announced intentions to run for the presidential nomination.

Tancredo said his hard-line stance against illegal immigration likely could make fundraising difficult, but while he envisions potential big-name candidates such as Arizona Sen. John McCain and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as battleships, the potential to "slip through to port" exists, likely because of his bold views, he said.

He also said he would be flattered to be compared to Iowa Rep. Steve King, also an outspoken critic against illegal immigration.

"When people say you're a one-issue candidate, at least I have one," he said. "You see men and women seeking office, but it's the office that drives them, not the issues."
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