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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Free Ramos & Compian: nationwide

Free Ramos & Compean rallies were held nationwide yesterday. Not too much info on the interwebs, that I can find anyway and my Google-fu is strong Grasshopper.

SOS was out of course...And it appears that mouth breathing low IQ retards with facially disfiguring cases of cowardice are not merely a Chicago phenomenon...Some big names attended...SOS'er Last Great Hope has video up at the link as well.

Here's some more coverage from Chicago at the Minutemen Midwest

El Paso hosted a rally as well. News coverage here.

In Philly Stop The Invasion rallied as well. Here's some TV coverage.

In San Diego the Oceanside Citizens Brigade turned out. Pix and links to video here.

Gotta love this sign...

Ft. Meyers Florida gave a shout out to the agents...

The Tulsa event appears to have been canceled. If anyone has any details please let me know why.

Immigration Watchdog has video and more!

Will update as information becomes available (or in non-reporter speak -- keep your pants on!)

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