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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Free Ramos & Campian: Chicago Style II

Here's some more photos from yesterday's event...(video will be up in a couple of minutes)

Of course the low IQ crowd made an appearance...

Talk about classin' the joint up!

Si? SI!

For what? Tax cheats?

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Idealism? Idiocy? You decide

And a refreshing lack of common sense!

No brains!

En Englas por favor!

Ah, to be twelve again!

Mmmm, Minutemen, so eeeevil, so deliciously eeeevil!

Racially diverse? Only if "white" patchouli stink hippies = diverse!

In this guys case I'm pretty sure thinking is a crime.

Video up next!

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