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Friday, January 12, 2007

Remember Ramos & Compean!

Tomorrow's the day! Be there or be square!

Rally details here.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher had this to say..."The congressman planned to apply for pardons for the agents, and he said if Bush doesn’t approve them, he will have shown himself to be “a heartless person and someone who has basically stupid policies.

Mean Mr. Mustard asks some tough questions about the case...Here.

The left is typically clueless, this just in via Chicago Indymedia..."The Chicago minutemen are having an event in downtown Chicago this saturday to defend to minutemen who have been arrested for violent activity." Heh, the left, almost invariably fact free! Reality based community indeed!

This was in comments..."Point of clarification: the event is not to defend two minutemen, but two border patrol agents who were convicted of killing someone at the border. Get your facts straight, Mick." This is rich like a chocolate cake! And tasty too! The oons say they'll be there tomorrow, here's hoping for a healthy lunatic turnout! They look so purty on video!

See you tomorrow!

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