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Friday, January 12, 2007

And I For One Welcome Our New Overlords!

Source: Chicago Tribune
When trying to woo Latino clients to buy car insurance or apply for a bank loan, Joanna Serrano has learned a few key strategies: Speak in formal Spanish, focus on gaining a client’s trust and emphasize family security above all else.

Serrano, a DePaul University senior and intern at State Farm Insurance Co., will graduate this spring with skills that could make her the envy of other marketing majors scrambling to get jobs. She will be among the first DePaul students to graduate with a degree in Hispanic marketing, only the second program of its kind nationally and one that underscores the influence of the country’s fastest-growing ethnic group.

“You need to be educated specifically about the Hispanic marketplace to market to this group,” said Serrano, a business school student from Cicero whose parents are from Mexico. “This program came right on time for me.”
Can a sharia based marketing program be far behind?

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