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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mexitude In Florida Schools

Source: sptimes
School newspaper censored

TAMPA - There are few issues in American education as widely discussed as the achievement gap, the racial divide that separates the academic performance of white and minority students.

But not at Hillsborough High School, where the principal pulled an article detailing the school's achievement gap from the student newspaper.

Principal William Orr called the content inappropriate, even though it focused on data the federal government publicizes under the No Child Left Behind Act.

Instead of a story and chart, students found a gaping hole Monday in the Red Black, the school newspaper.

"If it's something that has a potential to hurt students' self-esteem, then I have an obligation not to let that happen," he said. "I don't think it's the job of the school newspaper to embarrass the students."
No, it's your job to educate them. Feelings be damned!
"It did not condone anything immoral. It didn't talk of drug use or pregnancy or teen violence," said Simone Kallett, the newspaper's features editor and a sophomore. "It was a very fact-based article, and we don't understand why it was pulled."
Because it is no longer allowed to say anything unpleasant about our "cheerful invaders." No matter how factual it may be.
"If it had appeared in the Tampa Tribune or St. Petersburg Times, we wouldn't have thought anything of it," said Bertha Baker, assistant principal for administration. "But a student newspaper has to be a little more sensitive to the feelings of the students."
Uh-huh, or this could simply be another case of Mexitude.

Commenter Tori makes a scathingly good point..."Was at an embarrassment to the students? Or, more likely, an embarrassment to the administration?" Daaaamn!

H/T Reason via Vdare

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