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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Source: NBC5

It appears that any attempt to enforce the law on our "cheerful invaders" will be met with retarded displays of Mexican nationalism. Is it really possible they're this stupid?
Mexican Flag Appears Atop Radio Tower

LEWISVILLE, Texas -- A Mexican flag placed on top of a radio tower is causing a buzz in Lewisville. Someone climbed the 200-foot KVCE radio tower and topped it with a Mexican flag. KVCE-AM 1160 said it believes the flag is a political statement placed on the tower after the station's conservative talk show host commended Farmers Branch's illegal immigration policy. Neighbors of the tower said it's likely a prank. Regardless, the city of Lewisville wants the flag down, and for every day it's there, the station will be charged $500.
There's really only one possible response, and I'm sorry they've driven me to this...(and I really mean that!)

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