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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Import Savages, Get?

Source: detnews
Muslim leaders cite Saddam’s execution in Detroit damage

DETROIT — Muslim leaders say a spate of vandalism over the weekend involving stores owned by local Iraqis could stem from brewing sectarian Islamic tension over the execution of Saddam Hussein.

While Shi’a and Sunni Muslims are fighting in Iraq, the two groups generally get along in Metro Detroit and the United States. But Muslim and Arab leaders say the hanging of Saddam, and especially the timing of the execution, spurred hard feelings.

They say the vandalized property was owned or operated by people of Iraqi descent who are Shi’a.

“People are scared to come here. It’s very dangerous, this place,” said Inaam Alkhafaji, referring to her Detroit business, Dana Media, whose windows were broken.

“It’s a war with the Iraqi people. Maybe next time they kill us.”

How nice.

Our future?

H/T absolute moral authority via Ace

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