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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Soy Carumba!

Source: WND

With the passing of President Ford last month, his declaration, "Our long national nightmare is over" was resurrected – just in time for the beginning of a new national nightmare: the horror of facing the damage being done to us by the soybean craze.

It is indeed a craze: U.S. soy sales in 2004 hit $4 billion, a huge leap from $850 million in 1992, when soy began moving up from just a "hippie food" in natural food stores to mainstreaming in supermarkets.[1] Let's hear it for Mad Avenue.
Read and digest (sorry!) the article for yourself. I need more info -- lots more info -- and I'm already not a big fan of soy anyway. But, that said...

If God had wanted us to eat skinless, boneless chicken breasts, He'd have made chickens that were all breast with no fat, no skin and not a leg to stand on! If He'd wanted us to drink pasteurized fat-free milk, then fat-free milk would come boiling hot out of a cow's udder! And if He'd wanted us to eat soy protein and soy oil, the little bean would easily separate into its parts and not require a billion dollar processing plant that uses chemical solvents, extreme pressure, and hellfire temperatures. Nor would God's chosen food require tons of sugar and flavorings to make it taste halfway decent.
What he said.

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