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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Medved vs. Corsi: Round 2

Jake posted previously on Michael Medved's unhinged vitriol aimed at those of us who think efforts to merge the U.S., Mexico & Canada are very real and very dangerous, and Jerome Corsi's brilliant response.

Well, they're at it again and, just like the last time, Medved is relying on ad hominem attacks without responding to Corsi's material arguments, and Corsi is making sense and backing it up with a little thing those of us who are fond of the truth call RESEARCH.

Source: Human Events

Michael Medved has now published a second tirade on the issue of North American integration, this time attacking both Joseph Farah and me by name. John Hawkins has also responded briefly on his blog, taking the opportunity to issue yet another ad hominem attack, this time calling me “crazy.” Neither gentleman has yet responded to the substantive arguments or evidence that many of us have produced, demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that North American integration is proceeding full speed ahead in the Bush Administration.
Click over and read the whole thing, which includes a partial transcript of an interview Corsi conducted with Robert Pastor.

When it comes to staring down a spittle-covered, red-faced lunatic and responding with the calm assurance of research, facts and reason, it doesn't get much better than Jerome Corsi.

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