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Monday, January 08, 2007

The "New Americans"?

Source: startribune
Study: Some Illegal Aliens Arrested 6 or More Times by Police

"Illegal immigrants who were caught but released in the United States may have been re-arrested as many as six times, Justice Department data released Monday indicates. The findings by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine are based on a sampling of 100 illegal immigrants arrested by local and state authorities in 2004, the latest complete data available. They show that 73 of the 100 immigrants were arrested, collectively, 429 times - ranging from traffic tickets to weapons and drug charges," the AP reports. "Fine's office said its audit could not conclude precisely how many of the 262,105 illegal immigrants charged with criminal histories that year had been re-arrested. 'But if this data is indicative of the full population of 262,105 criminal histories, the rate at which released criminal aliens are re-arrested is extremely high,' the audit noted."

H/T Stein report

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