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Monday, January 08, 2007

2008 Buzz: Duncan Hunter

Out of all the candidates that have thrown their hat in the ring the one I've got my eye on is Duncan Hunter. I'm sure like most conservatives in general and more specifically conservatives who are concerned about patriotic immigration reform the big names don't exactly generate a lot of enthusiasm.

John McCain is simply insane. Mitt Romney is an unknown, though he has said and done good things about illegal immigration. Rudy Guiliani has fought all the way to the supreme court to give illegal immigrants the "right" to rape and pillage New York. And Newt Gingrich, though saying good things now, has been a serious squish on immigration issues in the past.

I don't know a lot about Duncan Hunter at this point so I'll run down what is readily available and throw it out to y'all for debate...

He has a career A+ and a recent B+ from Americans for better immigration.

His son fought in Iraq.

Here are the goals of his "peacethroughstrengthpac"...
1. An American Military equipped and sized to defeat any adversary
2. U.S. missile defenses that can intercept and destroy incoming ballistic missiles
3. Enforceable U.S. borders, including a 700-mile double fence across the smugglers routes in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
4. Reversing the one-way street trade policies that are moving the U.S. industrial bases and jobs to China and giving them U.S. dollars to buy military equipment from Russia
5. Energy Independence for the U.S. that would stop a reliance of overseas petroleum products
6. Cut off the flow of military technology to our potential adversaries
He is listed as a "moderate conservative" by On The Issues, an online resource that details politicians stances on various issues.

These videos are what caught my eye. The first two are his campaign vids as he mounts his campign. The third is him on a border fence...

And as an extra bonus he makes lefties cranky...

What's not to like? :P

Who should patriots support as we look to 2008? Is there another candidate out there who has the stuff to be president? Am I being unfair to one of the other frontrunners? Let me know what you think. Right now the only candidate that's catching my attention is Hunter.

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