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Thursday, May 25, 2006

McCain: Jackass Statements Of The Day

Instead of giving you a round up of the votes today (yawn), I mean, I'm soooo surprised, no really. Let's recount John "I love underage Thai hookers and cheap scotch" McCain's ongoing mental breakdown.

We start with this...(speech that indicates a love of underage Thai hookers and cheap scotch bolded for your reading pleasure)

When Bingaman pointed out the need for prudence in opening the floodgates to unlimited numbers of low-skilled workers, both McCain and Kennedy pulled the race card. McCain's immediate response was to sputter that the "Chamber of Commerce, unions, and Hispanic groups"McCain called it un-American to be selective about whom we let into this country. Yeah, he did. oppose the caps!

Then there's this...(bolding here indicates Senator McCain's worsening mental condition)

What's next--are we going to say work-authorized immigrants are going to have to ride in the back of the bus?

And of course this...(trite and insulting phrases bolded)

“Why not say to those undocumented workers who are working the jobs that the rest of us refuse, come out from the shadows,” said Arizona Republican John McCain, a key architect of the bill.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of "As We Fellate The Illegals." A "Your Tax Dollars At Work" production.

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