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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mayor Bloomberg: Still Full Of Crap!

Source: opinionjournal

Mayor Bloomberg finally weighs in on illegal immigration, you'll be shocked to know that as a business owner he's just fine with it, no really, I'm sure you're shocked, right?
There is only one practical solution, and it is a solution that respects the history of our nation: Offer those already here the opportunity to earn permanent status and keep their families together, provided they pay appropriate penalties. For decades, the federal government has tacitly welcomed them into the workforce and collected their income and Social Security taxes, which two-thirds of undocumented workers pay. Now, instead of pointing fingers about the past, let's accept the present for what it is by bringing people out of the shadows, and focus on the future by casting those shadows aside, permanently.
His previous really serious (not to mention elitist) position -- here.

H/T Beyond Borders

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