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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Steve Sailor Brings Us A Most Excellent Fisk!

Dana Milbank takes aim at Senator Jeff Sessions today in a cringeworthy piece that really should call into question that papers claim to "journalism." I'm not sure I've ever read a bigger hatchet job filled with ad hominem attacks and more slant than a playground slide.

A taste...
A short, wiry man with protruding ears, Sessions has become the Lou Dobbs of the Senate. He argues his points not with the courtly Southern tones of the late senator Howell Heflin (D), his predecessor, but with the harsh twang of a country tough -- which, in a sense, he is.
Allow me to translate Mr. Milbanks delicate language, I am a blue collar guy after all...

How dare this Dumbo Sumbidge keep me from my rightful slaves? This, This KKK MF'er don't know who he tangling wit. I'll tear him up, Lemme at'em.

Nah, he's clearly too much of a ninny for that. I'll just let Steve Sailor tear him a new one...

Shhh, let's listen in.

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