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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Progressive?

Source: TPM

In his Talking Points Memo Matthew Yglesias says this...(on the Senate immigration bill)
The odds are overwhelming that six months from now there will be more Democrats in both the House and the Senate than there are today. That means that for the price of a small delay in time of passage, Democrats should be able to get a more progressive bill through in the next congress if nothing passes this year.
So what would a "more progressive bill" look like? Since as far as I can tell the Democrat party hates this country and actively works to see it destroyed I can't exactly say I would jump up and down if they were to take control of this issue.

Here's my sense of what a "more progressive" bill would look like...

Open borders

Unlimited flows of immigration, legal and illegal

No enforcement whatsoever

No assimilation

Actively seeking to keep the different groups down and seperated

Don't get me wrong, I have no love for the Republicans on this issue, but they are at least amenable to threats. If you want to know who I imagine when I think of democrats and immigration I need go no further than my very own personal RPW (race pandering whore) Luis Gutierrez.

Gutierrez has based his career solely on being a race pandering whore, again Democrats, you want to win an election? You'll have to convince people like me that you...

A.) Love this country

B.) Aren't working toward her destruction

C.) Can field candidates who care about something other than race

Good luck with that!



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