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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

President Bush: The Lies Keep Coming

Source: LATimes
Speaking in Chicago on Monday, Bush renewed his call for a civil discussion.

"I'm very worried about the tone of this debate," he said during a question-and-answer session after a speech to the National Restaurant Assn.

He raised the issue of immigration several times — in recognition, he said, that his audience represented an industry that is "America's largest employer of immigrants."

"You know how essential it is that we have an immigration system that is safe, orderly and fair," the president said.

Making a pitch for his proposal to include a guest worker program in the legislation, he said: "You understand why effective immigration reform must include a practical and lawful way for businesses to hire foreign workers when they can't fill those jobs with Americans."
I'd like to focus on the past paragraph. What are these alleged jobs employers can't find Americans to do?

See, I have a somewhat unique perspective on this, I grew up in the restaurant business pre-illegal invasion. I guarantee you there are plenty of American citizens that would like those jobs, but it would take a while before American citizens would even assume they were eligible, that's how bad and prevalent the problem of illegal immigration has become in certain places.

When I was a kid there were plenty of people to work these jobs, unless you had a resort in the middle of nowhere. Why aren't there now? Am I to believe there is some blight on high school students looking for pin money, college students looking for beer money, folks just out of college looking for a transition jobs out of college, and on and on.

What about those parts of the country that have yet to be colonized by illegals, they have no restaurants? We've travelled quite a bit and never noticed a lack of restaurants in our ramblings, just a marked lack of illegals in certain locales. Why are some places able to function quite nicely without illegals, yet one state over all business would come to a screeching halt without illegals doing the jobs Americans won't do, yet are doing right down the road?

Businesses want illegal employees because they're easier, which in turn leads to lazy businesses unwilling to do the hard work of finding employees. Is it worth our trading our national sovereignty over lazy businesses that aren't willing to do their part to hire the right folks?

A lot of these jobs used to be entry level jobs for American kids to get some skills, that has changed. A change for the worse I'd say.

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