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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Stupid People...


E.J. Dionne writes a treacly piece today in RealClearPolitics. In it he details how his father was teased by his mean teacher for a lack of proficiency in english. From which he extrapolates that...

A.) English is terribly important to immigrants

B.) English is not very important to immigrants

He ends with this tripe...
When I put my children to bed, I recite the same prayer that my late mother said for my sister and me. The prayer is in French. I certainly hope that it doesn't make my children any less American to hear a few spiritual thoughts in a language other than English before they fall asleep.
Oh! The sting of sarcasm, I'm wounded. What a load of misleading crap. No Mr. Asshat I am not disturbed by you teaching your child a prayer in French, in fact you have the sequence just right. You are teaching them French at home, at home. The legtimate concerns are over those who move here and make no real effort to learn the language.

And thusly they self-ghettoize themselves, and like the sun rising eventually they will start bitching that they are being held back and not acheiving, but it's all based on their own efforts, or lack thereof.

It is vitally important for immigrants of all varieties to learn english. Without it they cannot truly be a part of this great country. And of course, when you have an continuous replenishment of non-english speaking populace in large enough numbers you retard english accomplishment for all in that group.

The reason most immigrants post great wave became good Americans was precisely the closing of the immigration spigot. Allowing them to integrate into American society which had happened very spottily up to that point.

So Mr. Dionne teach your children all the French prayers you wish, at home, in public let's insist on English as much as humanly possible.

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