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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's The Little Things

Source: NCLR (National Communist Loving Radicals)

This is from a speech by Janet Murguia to the 2006 NCLR Capital awards...
So we are stepping up. And let me be clear: NCLR will fight to ensure that the United States has the best immigration policy for all Latinos and all Americans.
I note the order, Latinos -- Then -- Americans, sounds about right to me. Then there's this...
There’s room in this debate for give and take on the issue of how best to get control over our borders. But there are voices in this debate who are going too far in relentlessly and unfairly attacking immigrants and Latinos. ¡Basta! We need to let the Minutemen know that their 15 minutes are up.
You know what sweetie? I think YOU'RE fifteen minutes are almost up!

Two other things toots, one, criminals never enjoy being called criminals, they just don't.

And I think you forgot something in that last passage, don't worry I got your lying ass covered.

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