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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Moonbats Attack: My Bus Ride Home from Work

After a long day at work today, I was more than ready to get home and unwind a little. It was a gorgeous day in Chicago, warm but with a cool breeze. Perfect weather to nod off on the bus, and nod off I did.

I awoke to the purposefully loud cell phone conversation of a woman sitting behind me.

"Guess what? One of those skinheads from Logan Square is sitting right next to me."

That would be me. I'm actually not a "skinhead," but I was, indeed, in Logan Square for the debate that never was. I ended up being swarmed by a shouting, stomping open-borders crowd. Our report, complete with Jake's video footage, can be viewed over at HotAir.

But back to today's bus ride. The chick continued talking about me on the cell phone. I heard stuff like this on her end:

"I guess she still lives in our neighborhood."
"Humboldt Park."
"Yeah, I could, but I won't."
"Yeah, at insert my address here."

This went on for a while before she hung up. A few minutes later she received an incoming call, I assume from the same person, and I had the pleasure of hearing more crap like this:

"Yeah, she's still here."
"No, she hasn't said anything to me. Not like last time when she screamed at me for twenty minutes that I was going to burn in hell."
"I guess there are too many people around. She probably thinks they're all going to burn in hell, too."
"She knows she's a racist and a bigot."
"The guy beside me thinks I should smack her in the head."
"Insert my address again here."
"She's getting off the bus now."

I was quite proud of myself, having managed to keep my big mouth shut through all this. I knew it would serve no positive purpose to engage her, but I don't know when I have so wanted to...well, you can guess what I would have liked to do to this ignorant, self-satisfied little piece of shit.

But I digress.

This chick was part of a mob that came after me to intimidate me, a lone woman, a couple of weeks ago. I'm guessing that bravery ain't her strong suit.

And, just to prove me right, she never opened her yap to directly address me until I had one foot off the bus, when she managed to screw up the courage to shout "Fuck you!" to my back. A couple of guys in the back of the bus with her added their "Fuck you!" and "Get off the bus!" for good measure.

Their cojones and mental agility were TRULY underwhelming.

I hope I never have to blog that they actually came to my home, after broadcasting my address to the public at large. But I guarantee that if I do, it will be to report an attack of equal cowardice.

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